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About youRhere

With over 700 touchscreens installed, youRhere is Canada's leading provider of digital interactive informational signage. From its beginnings more than 15 years ago, youRhere now has installations coast to coast and has begun offering its products and services internationally.

Our touchscreen directories can greatly improve user experience, serving as a “virtual concierge” for visitors as they enter and move about a building or campus.

While wayfinding — assisting those unfamiliar with a venue in locating a specific destination — is an important component of what we offer, our touchscreen directory boards can and do provide so much more. In effect, our electronic directories provide a single source for all building-related information: from a tenant listing searchable by company, person, category or floor, to the location of building amenities; and from live local transit feeds, meetings and events to management sustainability initiatives and LEED status. Moreover, we are now doing this in multiple languages and with appropriate consideration for differently abled users.

Our interactive signage can be found in office buildings, shopping centres, medical facilities, universities, government buildings and numerous other venues such as museums, tradeshows, halls of fame and tourist attractions. Recently, the company has begun working with major national and international retailers to offer their shoppers enhanced point-of-sale product information to improve the shopping experience and drive increased sales in an increasingly competitive environment.

While most of our competitors are purely focused on software development, we can provide our clients with full, end-to-end systems integration capabilities: from directory format and placement consulting services to enclosure design and fabrication; and from hardware procurement and custom software development, to installation, monitoring, support and service over the life of the directory. We fabricate our products at multiple locations and offer local onsite service anywhere in North America and in key international markets.

For those seeking premium directory solutions with unique design and/or branding requirements, we work directly with our customers and/or their architects and designers to provide custom solutions through our network of fabrication partners. For those seeking more economical solutions, we offer high quality, pre-built directories from a variety of international kiosk suppliers. For those with existing static or outdated interactive directories, we can retrofit existing installations with new, interactive screens and our custom software to bring full functionality at very affordable prices. Finally, for tradeshows, exhibitions, sporting events and other limited duration events, we can offer customized event software coupled with rental kiosks including delivery, set-up and pickup services.

Our interactive, touchscreen directory software offers a high degree of customization to match your corporate, building or campus brand and not only provides the desired informational and wayfinding applications, but can be made to integrate seamlessly with your new or existing content management system for one-stop updating of your directory board, mobile application and website. Whatever your content requirements, we can offer interactive directory features to meet your needs.

When installing directories, reliability and safety is of primary concern to us. Our employees and contractors are insured, and we are accredited by Contractor Check and ComplyWorks. Our directories are built with commercial grade hardware components and our warranty will give you peace of mind on your investment. Our directories also come with CSA or equivalent approval if required. Installation is available upon request.

At youRhere, we consider ourselves a technology deployment and service organization first and an interactive directory company second. All of our directories are sold with a comprehensive service and support plan, which includes a software licensing agreement, remote monitoring, access to our content management system, statistical reporting on directory usage and access to our service and support desk. Beyond this, youRhere offers a variety of plans to suit a variety of customer needs, ranging from a basic “pay as you go” plan to a comprehensive “all inclusive” plan, providing service and support for a variety of ongoing content and hardware needs as well as remote and onsite service. Additional design, content creation, data integration, language translation and other programming services are also available upon request.

The digital signage industry is growing dramatically and is attracting new entrants on a continual basis. This is particularly true in the interactive segment of the business where individuals, often operating from home with a computer and a few software tools, can open a business developing interactive software solutions and appear, through their website, to be large, experienced, fully functioning businesses. In many cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

youRhere takes a much different approach. We have been in business for over 15 years and have more than 650 installations coast to coast in several different verticals. We have developed our expertise, not just in the area of interactive software development, but in the design, fabrication and installation of institutional-quality custom signage, installed by trained construction professionals. We take pride in our after-sales service and support, which we provide for the life of the installation.

We are proud members of: BOMA, NAIOP, BOA, ICSC, SASCA, BCSCA, and DSF.

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