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youRhere is the undisputed leader in providing interactive directories to offices in Canada with more than 350 directories installed in all regions of the country. Some of our installations from over a decade ago are still operating perfectly, although many have been updated as touchscreen technology has evolved and screens in ever-larger sizes made available. In addition, numerous updates to our software now provide clients with several additional features. Today, youRhere is the main, or in some cases sole, provider of interactive directories to many leading office property owners and managers.

Office directories may be wall mounted, free standing or incorporated into building concierge or security desks. We offer a complete package of services from initial consulting on directory location, format and installation height to enclosure design, installation and service. We can retrofit existing outdated or non-functioning directories, work with designers or architects to incorporate their design concepts into functional directories, work efficiently with contractors on new construction or lobby renovation projects, arrange installation and post deployment, preventative maintenance and onsite service.

Today's interactive office directories do much more than provide building visitors with floor location of the tenant they're visiting. They provide detailed building or area maps, leasing, building amenity and security information, as well as important landlord/tenant messaging regarding building sustainability initiatives, LEED status, upcoming building events and, increasing, real time information such as live local transit feeds.

4100 Still Creek Directory
Calgary House Touch Screen Directory Board

Mall owners and managers have found that interactive directories greatly enhance their customers' shopping experience. Digital directories not only modernize the look of the mall; they also increase sales by making the shopping experience more efficient. Shoppers can easily find the store or product they're looking for, check out in-store promotions and specials, quickly and easily locate mall amenities, browse in-mall dining options and avoid wasting time waiting for their next bus departing from the property, all in the language of choice.

The statistics provided by the directories are fundamental to shopping centre managerial decision making. They provide demonstrated value in terms of leasing, facilities maintenance, security, customer engagement, client feedback and more.

If desired, interactive directories can show promotions, paid advertising and social media content such as Twitter feeds. We offer integration with both web and mobile platforms, so you can engage your customer with a consistent messaging and information through multiple channels.

Over the past decade we have conducted a number of studies comparing the average time required for a person to find what they were looking for on a static (non-interactive) directory versus an interactive one ("clearing time"). The result: 30-45 seconds on a static directory versus 10-15 seconds on an interactive one - a two to three times advantage in favour of interactive. A single interactive directory can supply instructions to as many as 1,000 visitors a day versus only 300-500 on a static directory. When multiplied by 14-20 directories at some of our larger shopping mall installations, this additional capacity can mean thousands of additional customers can be served using the same number of - or even fewer - interactive directories.

shopping centre

A major focus of the company over the past several years, leading to our first deployment in 2014, are in-store retail applications. Interactive directories are being recognised as a key component of omni-channel retailing and are gaining traction in many different applications, including:

  • Wayfinding directories at store entrances or at the top of escalators in the case of multi-level department stores to help customers find particular departments such as housewares or children's clothing. Searching by product name or brand is also available.
  • Electronic product information linked to in-store management systems. Kiosks to assist customers in finding particular items within departments, designing and assembling a product from a range of available options, even checking store inventory on existing product availability.
  • Digital interactive end caps (end of aisle or shelf-mounted screens) to provide information on particular products as well as customer education, such as recipe ideas (downloadable onto a customer's smart phone) or food and wine pairings in a grocery store.
  • Store sponsored advertising of weekly specials or promotions including migrating weekly flyers from paper to digital or supplier/manufacturer sponsored product advertising. youRhere software is also capable of providing retailers with many "data mining" applications arising from its screen searches, such as "most searched for but not carried" items and other customized reports.
  • Product selection software to enable customers to assemble their own product from a variety of options and then order and/or pay for it at the screen or kiosk.
Touch screen directory at Alberta Health Services

youRhere provides interactive directories to a growing installed base of medical facilities, ranging from medical office buildings and clinics to large hospital complexes in several jurisdictions. These directories incorporate many of the same features found in office and shopping mall installations, while making additional modifications to ensure ease of cleaning, 24-hour operation, safety and accessibility for a broader range of differently abled patients and visitors and more extensive use of languages (eight in our most recent installation).

Medical Icon

Schools, especially universities and colleges represent a growing vertical for youRhere, as senior administrators, attuned to the power of technology in education and the environmental concerns of their constituents, seek to digitize their campuses. In addition to campus directories and wayfinding maps, our college directories show campus sporting events and club meeting schedules, dining options with menus, transportation schedules on and about the campus as well as a host of other information pertinent to students, faculty, staff and visitors alike again, often in multiple languages.

Installations can begin with wayfinding applications designed to assist new students or campus visitors navigate large, unfamiliar campuses. Mobile apps which can be downloaded to users' smartphones are a logical extension of fixed location directories. Further applications can see screens providing information on current and future campus events or advertising everything from commercial products to campus teams and clubs.

Campus Directories
Costume Touch Screen Products

Through consultation, our team will work with you to create a unique solution to fit your property's environment, incorporate existing architectural elements and materials into the directory's design.

youRhere strongly believes in giving back to the community. This includes work for charitable or not-for-profit organizations at cost or, in some cases, free of charge. We have done work for a number of organizations, including donor recognition walls for hospitals and interactive directories with a variety of purposes for groups and organizations as diverse as veterans, Junior Achievement, burn victims and a memorial to fallen RCMP officers.

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